Living on a tree

Sep 18, 2015 | written by:

Nestled in the forests of chestnut trees, on the slopes of the Monti Pelati, a small population lives on the trees... It seems the beginning of a fairy tale, but it isn't!

In Piemonte (an Italian small region) there is a tree village inhabited by ordinary people who, although working in the city, have decided to live in close contact with nature, away from the stress and pollution. The houses, suspended between trees at 6-7meters off the ground, are supported by thick wooden beams for not putting a strain on the branches and are connected by bridges and walkways that allow them to move remaining suspended in the air. The small wooden eco-friendly flats are equipped with modern comforts: running water, electricity, internet, TV, telephone always respecting the environment and without waste.



The design and construction are dated back to 2002, but the village is currently expanding.

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