London Living Box

Feb 16, 2016 | written by:

In London there is a company that since 2009 calls itself 'urban supplier of greening solutions for commercial and domestic applications'. True urban greening specialists the guys of Treebox.

Daily goals? Improve air quality and food production in the urban environment, making sure that Londoners become aware of these two important issues. So, at 79 Southampton Row, Treebox installed, starting with the construction in 2013, a lush green wall consisting of over 10,000 plants.

Once completed, Treebox has collaborated with Andrea Tyrimos, a local artist graduated in Fine Art Center Saint Martins, to make even an old phone booth that was exactly the opposite side of the street, a Living green booth. By painting ivy leaves grew around it, Andrea wanted to leave an installation serving as a reminder to all Londoners of the many positive effects of vegetation in urban settings: it creates a sense of good health and wellbeing while demonstrating how green space can improve air quality. But also it reminds people to demand more green space for their city.


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