London's Telephone Booths Go Green...Literally

Oct 09, 2014 | written by:


Most tourists and travelers that end up in London know that it is hard to resist a shameless picture in their iconic phone booths. Unfortunately, the actual use of these booths has naturally gone obsolete since mobile phones were introduced.


To give these famous symbols of the city life and purpose again, the “solarbox” has been introduced by London School of Economics graduates, Harold Craston and Kristy Kenney. The solarbox is organized by taking a disused London phone booth, painting it green, and installing a solar panel to allow the public to charge their phones or tablets, for free.


The first booth was set up outside Tottenham Court Road underground station, but many more booths are planned on being set up in the coming months.  


Because the booth’s solar energy is stored in a battery, the electronics can be charged at any time, even if there is no sun and even at night.


“In our modern world, where hardly any Londoner is complete without a raft of personal gizmos in hand, it's about time our iconic boxes were updated for the 21st century, to be useful, more sustainable," London Mayor Boris Johnson said in a statement.


Receiving 8,000 pounds from the mayor, Craston and Kenney were able to fund this project. The costs of users being able to use the booths free of charge will pay through advertising in the kiosk.


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