London says goodbye to diesel cars

Mar 07, 2017 | written by:

On 6th May 2016, we figured out that Sadiq Khan – 45, British congressman of the Labor Party – was an outsider: he won the municipal elections in London (57% of votes in his favor) becoming the first Muslim mayor - son of two Pakistani immigrants - of a European capital.

Always been a defender of human rights, favorable of globalization and keen to be the mayor of all, Khan last week announced a plantotal cost 515 million pounds to eliminate the most polluting cars and encourage the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles. After all, the London-colored smoke is not just a variant of gray ash and gray very appreciated by fashion, but more often it’s the color of the sky of English cities, subject to high levels of pollution and consequent alarms, the last one launched by the same Khan last January due to the high emissions of pollutants from vehicles, the harsh climate, the absence of wind and fog.

Mayor’s idea consist in a found adoption for the scrapping of diesel vehicles that convince Londoners and companies to say goodbye to their cars. Incentives would be the final push to switch to green such as: more than three thousand pounds for each of the approximately 70,000 owners of vans or buses, while low-income families would receive a credit of two thousand pounds value that could be used for alternative transportation or to buy a new vehicle (it’s been estimated that in this category of the population there are 130 thousand cars to be wrecked). Finally, a thousand pounds would be allocated to the destruction of every taxi among the oldest in circulation.

Khan has also devised a series of maneuvers to try to reduce the pollution in London, including plans for a very low emission zone (from April 3 diesel cars, regardless of their class of emission, to park in the town central areas, including most of the West End, will pay 50% more than other vehicles) but claims to not be allowed to take more radical action, needing the government help. In any case, the scrapping plan would reduce by 40% nitrogen monoxide emissions and, adds the Transport for London, the costs would be completely destroyed if the plan extended to all the nation.

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