Looptworks gives new life to fabrics and leather

Oct 16, 2015 | written by:

The world is evolving towards a viewpoint more and more 'green' and, in the same way also the economy does. In the United States, indeed Looptworks was born: it is a company specialized in upcycling, a recycling process by which new products have a higher economic value than the original one.

Looptworks aims to recover, from the clothing factories, unused fabrics and leather destined, most of the time, to the landfill or anyway with no commercial life, to turn them into limited edition, original and high quality clothes and accessories. The company values the practice of materials' reuse and at the same time ensures the high brand value. So new generations are invited to reflect on the fabrication techniques, on the origin of everything they buy in order to reach a consumption awareness.

Looptworks, with a new and ecological approach, wants to give new life to things and ensure, in this way, a waste reduction.

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