Feb 09, 2021 | written by:

The benefits of trees are well-documented by science: for oxygen; for biodiversity; for mental and physical wellbeing. But the science doesn’t capture the way the ear thrills to hear the wind rustling through leaves, that feeling of infinite smallness when we stand under trees that stretch impossibly tall, or even the joy of watching a houseplant flourish under our care. 

Similarly, the magic of love lies in that unnameable quality that makes our nerves fizz, our tummies flip, our hearts leap. In its unpredictability, and also in its comforting patterns. It knows no distance, no limits, no lockdown. It reaches through walls, across borders, over oceans. It unites, it pulls apart, it tangles us together. It eludes, torments, teases. It is everywhere, and nowhere, in countless forms. It’s magic.

This year, we want to try our best to define and capture the magic of love, to bottle it, plant it and watch it grow! 

Instead of trying to categorise love, and creating Limited Edition trees for those categories, we want you to define your own love story. What are the qualities of your relationship with this person that make them so important to you? What makes your love story different? What makes it special? 

We have 10 trees, each named for a different ‘ingredient’ of love, and like the love that you and this person share, your trees will contribute to a better and brighter world. Dedicate trees to your partner, loved one, friend, family member, colleague, and let love grow this Valentine's Day. 

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