Lucart, an eye to growth and the environment in mind: the new plant for the recovery of exhaust gases

May 28, 2015 | written by:

In Italy there are business realities of great value, and we are not talking just of economic value. Lucart , known Italian company leader Europian producers of paper for everyday use, continues its way towards an innovative, environmentally sustainable and therefore more competitive model of economic development. Indeed, with the collaboration of Valmet Spa, world leader in the development and supply of technologies for paper industries, Lucart sets the new Cogeneration Plant with Integrated Eco Recovery, which aims to reduce by 18% CO2 emitted into the atmosphere and 3,500,000 cubic meters of natural gas consumed in less.

How does it work? This revolutionary technology, the first of this kind in Italy, re-using the exhaust gases as heat energy to dry the paper, to replace the traditional methane burners, thus avoiding, among other things, the emission of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to a quantity of about 3.5 tonnes less per year. The innovative choice has required more than 25,000 hours of work and an investment of over 3 million euro.

“In the near future we will evaluate the application of this complex technology to other plants, even if we know that there are many technical difficulties to be overcome " - says Massimo Pasquini, CEO of Lucart Group - "But the direction of commitment and growth in full respect for the environment is that we have taken and we have every intention to continue to travel together”.

This innovative technology is in addition to a series of measures taken in the same direction as those for sustainable mobility or those for the relaunch of the brand Tenderly: in an industry that in 2014 has experienced a negative trend in value, Tenderly has established itself in strong contrast, recording an increase of about 10%. In short, the direction taken by these very brave entrepreneurs is a rather fruitful. Keep it up!

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