Lucart choose the train to reduce CO2 emissions and keep up with Europe

Apr 11, 2015 | written by:

In one year Lucart, among the leading manufacturers of paper for daily use in Italy, from tissues to absorbent paper, removed from the streets 2,500 tractor-trailers, with a reduction of 75 percent of CO2 emissions, preferring the rails.

It is a sustainable mobility project, which involved the cooperation of Cilp, Company Company workers harbor and Top Rail, rail related service companies. The goal is to move the transportation of the raw material from road to rail. "This new project is a concrete demonstration of the commitment of Lucart in managing a sustainable business throughout the supply chain, starting from raw materials from procurement to distribution of the finished product," said Massimo Pasquini, CEO Lucart.

The initiative was launched experimentally in 2011, and to date has seen almost tenfold increase in the number of wagons used in transportation. The company claims it to be gone from 89 to 724. The reduction of heavy traffic is obvious, especially when one considers that a freight train can amount up to 40 trucks. "Our goal in the coming years, is to get to remove from the streets up to 7000 trucks. This project is also an opportunity for the country to align with the rest of Europe, where the rail freight sector is very developed”, says Pasquini.


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