Manchester goes green thanks to the project 'City of trees'

Feb 06, 2017 | written by:

Everyone of us in Treedom, you know, love nature and we usually plant trees for you around the world to the sound of #letsgreentheplanet but fortunately we are not the only ones.

In Britain, indeed, 'City of Trees' was born, an ambitious project that aims to plant three million new trees all over the area of Greater Manchester over the next 25 years: one for every man, woman, and child who live in this place. This English Metropolitan County has been characterized for a long time by little green things like factories, industries and chimneys but, after becoming a tourist destination, it decided to change and to do that it counted on nature.

The goal of the project is not only make the city greener but also enjoy all benefits that trees provide to society and environment - Tony Hothersall, the creator of the project, explains - Our green friends can do great things in terms of air pollution reduction. They can help to screen for noise pollution, they can also help cities and towns become more resilient to climate change both in terms of things like reducing the urban heat island effect and also reducing things like risk from surface water flooding, they help to improve air quality, reduce stress and promote an outdoor life”.

A project that involves everybody, from the public and policy makers to private citizens. “We are working with partners and landowners to identify parcels of land for tree planting - Hothersall continues - It could be extending existing woodland and building up the biodiversity but it could also be planting totally new areas of woodland, where today there are no trees but only idle land. It is really about planting trees wherever it's appropriate to put trees. What is really important is it's about the right tree in the right place”. 

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