Measure waste and maximize profit with MintScraps

Nov 02, 2015 | written by:

Do you have a restaurant and do you want to quantify waste, reduce costs and save money? I know this seems almost impossible for you but you need just a single click!

MintScraps is an online platform born in New York with the aim of helping the catering companies to optimize all steps of the food chain (from processing to consumption of the product) significantly reducing waste and costs. Thanks to the development in real time of graphs and charts, the restaurant's owners and managers have the opportunity to discover and control the waste and to take action to improve the process of waste disposal favoring sustainable and cheap practices such as recycling and composting.

The app, supporting a comparison between companies, inspires healthy competition between different brands that, acquired a greater awareness of their environmental impact, choose to improve themselves and receive in exchange a recognition awards at company level.

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