Milan is Sustainable as well as its Underground

Nov 03, 2016 | written by:

The Milan Underground is preparing to change things. The lighting system, dating back to the 1962-1978 period, will be modernized in compliance with current energy efficiency measures. To replace the incandescent lights, energy-intensive and obsolete, will be installed 2,500 LED lamps in the stations of subway lines 1 and 2.

The project, which will allow the saving of 493.000 kWh and reduction of emissions of 161 tons of CO2 per year, will be financed with funds allocated by the Ministero dell’Ambiente following the memorandum of understanding signed with ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities. The aim of the partnership is to identify and then support the implementation of priority measures to improve air quality in metropolitan cities: the adaptation of the lighting system has been deemed crucial to environmentally and economically sustainability for The municipality of Milan.

The LED lamps have a longer life, produce less waste at the time of exhaustion, require less maintenance, allow ignition and instant shutdown even at low temperatures and are characterized by excellent mechanical resistance to shock and vibration. Even the appearance and color, thanks to the absence of flicker, is excellent.

"A less polluted city, a city that produces less waste, a more livable city from the environmental point of view, also passes through interventions like this that the Ministry finances and pushing local entities to innovation." So Gian Luca Galletti, Environment Minister, described the mission of the initiative, hoping its replicability in other cities.

In a first step, docks and mezzanines of the stations San Babila, Cathedral, Cordusio, Cairoli, Cadorna will be subject to intervention. If there are economies in the implementation, then the project can involve the stations of Palestro, Lima, Porta Venezia and Conciliation: an initiative that over time could involve the whole of the city subway system.

Even Marco Granelli, Councillor for Mobility and Environment, enthusiastically said that "with the replacement of existing bulbs in subway stations, Milan continues its way towards environmental sustainability and innovation." Already the whole public lighting of the city of Milan is entrusted to LED lamps.

The initiative, as a result of a work in synergy between the Ministry and the Municipality of Milan, stands as a prototype of the virtuous cooperation in the field of public administration. A strong signal to Milan, Italy's innovative engine to Europe.

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