Moncler case, the illegal practice of plucking live geese, poor quality, labor savings: here's why it will not be forgotten

Nov 11, 2014 | written by:

On 2 November, it was aired on public television service Italian "We are all geese" the investigation about Italian brand Moncler, known worldwide for the production of luxurious duvets, particularly about the way in which the company procures the feathers, fierce and illegal practice of "plucking" on the live geese, the labor savings resulting in a loss for Italian workers due to the delocalization even in areas not recognized by the UN.

According to someone, the dust of controversy raised up after the airing of the investigative report of one of the most followed TV programs by Italians is destined to be forgotten in a hurry. Others, however, consider the possibility that, for their own survival and for the foresight of their business, today companies must be able to cope with changes in the economy and the market and must become familiar with issues as sustainable production, environmental protection, economic and geographical imbalances, ethical development. Consumption is increasingly driven by values and ideological choices that put attention to the ethical aspects, which can be translated into a heavy penalty for misbehavior of the company by the market. Without necessarily to refer to catastrophic mass boycotts, the risk of permanently losing perhaps a small but real slice of consumers is high.

Predictably, the protest was unleashed on social networks and the effects were devastating. Twitter remains the strongest and most viral channel of reputational crisis with about 3,000 tweets pitted against the brand, with insults and fierce criticism. Most of these users was probably not the target audience of Moncler and it is not the interlocutor that Moncler has to deal with, as someone said. But is this true? The role of marketing has changed and one of its main objectives is to create value not only for potential customers, but for society in general. It is on the relationship you build with it that you can maintain strong economic performance.

The three issues raised and analyzed carefully in the service of "Report" were as thorns in the side and have caused many problems for the company, and undermined its brand reputation, recording a significant drop in equities and demonstrating how even a luxury brand with a solid background can ignore the virtuous circle of values triggered by these changes.

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