Multiple Sclerosis and Climate Change

May 29, 2016 | written by:

Last week was the XVIII National Week of Multiple Sclerosis: in the world there are 2.5 million of people affected by MS and every day there are new diagnosis, most of them people between 20 and 40 years old. Live every day with this neurodegenerative demyelinating disease, namely with lesions of central nervous system, it’s not simple both for the personal sphere of each person and for the high medication costs and for shortages of doctors available in clinical centers of assistance.

Yet, despite the difficulties to daily face with, the slogan campaign of the year wants to stress the positive attitude and tenacity that is common to many patients, patients who live like real fighters. The campaign is global and also very social, because it spreads by sharing updates with the hashtag #strongerthanMS. The goal is to tell how their barriers have been thrown down and all the messages will be collected on the World MS Day website. Each member country has contributed with its creativity and sensitivity to propagate and to take conscience of the topic.

Among these there is the Spanish ADEMNA - Asociación de Esclerosis Múltiple de Navarra, that published on its social profiles a video made in collaboration with SimilArte that shouting "The EM doesn’t brake me" makes flying who is in front of the screen to Antarctica and to the Himalayas. To convey the message it has been used a metaphor that compares the harsh living conditions of some animal species to those of people with multiple sclerosis, sharing the great ability and strength to achieve their goals prosecuting them without fear, in order to conduct a life as normal as possible.

Six scenarios are alternated with their protagonists, all made with the technique of paper cut: starting from penguins that despite the harsh climate of Antarctica lay and hatch their eggs until they hatch and then continue to take care of their little penguins once born. The Indian goose challenges heights and winds to fly over the Himalayas; while the sea turtles cross the ocean to return to the place where they were born to spawn. Nothing brakes them, as nothing restrains men and women protagonists of the last three scenes who manage to maintain their independence despite the sickness day by day. Examples of tenacity and strength that come from the natural world and blend in with the human world.

You can watch here below the full video of the campaign:


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