Muthoot, a finance company that saves elephants

Feb 27, 2015 | written by:

The Muthoot Group, a historic Indian finance company, in collaboration with WWF, has launched a new conservation project to protect Asian elephants. These pachyderms, just like their African relatives, are threatened by poaching and habitat loss. The alteration population is mainly due to the fact that, unlike African elephants, in Asia only the males have tusks, so in many groups remained only one adult male for every hundred females, resulting in a collapse of births that threatens survival of the species.

The project is called "Friends for life" and aims to minimize conflicts between men and elephants and to protect the habitat of the animals. Unfortunately, in India more than 200 men were killed in accidents with elephants between 2008 and 2012, while they were about 160 animals killed by poachers in the last year. The partnership is aimed specifically at reducing the loss of humans and animals life and damage to the villages. For this, the initiative will ensure the realization of low-intensity electric fences to deter elephants from approaching too close to the villages and the establishment of anti- poaching teams to supervise the animals. Also in collaboration with the WWF this initiative was also supported and supplemented by an information campaign online, on social networks, to raise public awareness on 'importance of elephant conservation and the protection of biodiversity. George Alexander Muthoot, director of Muthoot Group, says - "Our company has always stood out for their efforts in protecting the environment and wildlife. The conflict between humans and elephants is mainly due to the struggle for space and resources.” Over 60 percent of the population of Asian elephants in the world lives in India, as a result, it is certainly a great responsability.

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