My fridge, your fridge: Nevera Solidaria

Aug 31, 2015 | written by:

You are leaving for a vacation and your fridge is plenty of food. You won’t eat it and I’m pretty sure you will throw it away. I call this ‘wastefullness’, and you? Don’t panic: according to FAO, you are trendy. Yes, because every year, globally, we waste around 1,3 billions of food. An information which is alarming, both etically and environmentally.

In Bilbao, Spain, a no-profit association called GBGE, thought about an escamotage which can be easily extended somewhere else. In some areas of the city they put fridges and not dustbins to let people bring the food they don’t eat and to give other people the possibility to take it home.

The aim of Nevera Solidaria (this is the name of the initiative) is to go beyond the idea that sharing the food is only a helpful practice: food consume is everyone’s right as not to waste it is a must. The project presents interesting results: from April 2015 to present more than 300 Kg of food have been saved from dustbins.

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