Nano-wire, the super insulating textile fiber that counteracts greenhouse gas emissions

Feb 23, 2017 | written by:

If you, like me, are part of the category 'sensitive to the cold' and you think that it is absolutely necessary to go into hibernation mode during the winter for a matter of survival, calm down: it's time to say goodbye to the many layers of clothing made of wool, cashmere or cotton and it's time to give a warm welcome (in every way) to the nano-wire, a new super insulating textile fiber capable of storing and retaining the heat of the human body better than any other yarn currently in use.

The new fiber, designed by a team of researchers at Stanford University, in California, is breathable, ultra flexible, very very hot and, thanks to the latter feature, it helps to counteract the greenhouse gases emission because it saves on domestic heating and reduces, in this way, the CO2 emissions. The idea was born when scientists, after soaking clothes in a solution of porous metallic nano-wires, found that these special clothes were able to retain more than 90% of the heat of the human body, much more than a warm wool sweater (only 20%).

The nano-wire fiber, besides, can be used to make any type of clothes, from T-Shirts to evening dress and, consisting of a conductive material, it may be heated using any source of electrical energy to generate, if necessary, additional heat. “About half of all the energy consumed in the world goes into building for heating, cooling and lighting. About one thirds of the energy comes from fossil that causes greenhouse gas emissions - the researchers at Stanford University say - According to the analysis, the new nano-wire fiber could save about 1.000 kilowatt hours per person per year, approximately the amount of energy that a US home consumes in a month”.

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