Nature is speaking

Nov 22, 2015 | written by:

If Nature would be able to communicate with us using our language, what it would say us? Just the very first thing that it keeps inside itself since millennia. Conservation International, a non-profit organization that tries to raise awareness of environmental sustainability, questioned themselves the same dilemma.

In 2014 they launched a series of videos in which a respectable cast lend their voice to Nature and its elements. Obviously, videos are wonderful, showing breathless landscapes and the beauty of the natural world. Short and intense, they are extremely impressive. Voices of Ice, Ocean, Forest, Earth, Water, Coral, Flowers, Redwood and Mother Nature (respectively voices of Liam Neeson, Harrison Ford, Kevin Space, Edward Norton, Ian Somerhalder, Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong'o, Robert Redford and Julia Roberts) make a simple question to the human being: "I need you, man?".

The answer is no, nature does not need man, but man yes, always. It is alive since 4.5 million years, many more than those of an ordinary human life, has learned how to survive and change in order to adapt to all conditions. The Ocean tells us that is most of the planet as well as an important source of food, but how can we expect them to feed us if we keep dumping our garbage into them and heating them up? The same says the Earth, from whom everything comes to life, but we treat it like dirt. Our favorite spot, and we believe even the most significant, is the one dedicated to Rainforests.

We want to quote their words, since they seem perfect without any further transposition: "I watched men grow up and leave. But I've always been here, always generous, sometimes more than I should. Men are so smart, such big brains. They know how to make amazing things. So, why they need an all forest like me anymore? Well, they do breathe air and I make air. Have they thought about that, humans, so smart. They’ll figure out. Humans making air, there will be fun to watched".

The series of mini-movies is called #NatureIsSpeaking, you can watch them all here and if you like, share them with the official hashtag #INeedNature.

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