Nestlé to Remove Artificial Flavors From Their Candy

Mar 04, 2015 | written by:


We know that candy bars may not be the best option for our health, but the deliciousness of each bite will cause us to ignore the artificial flavors that we’re putting in our bodies. That distinctive orange-colored core in a Butterfinger we love? That’s a product of artificial food dyes like Red 40 and Yellow 5.

However, soon we won’t have to try to avoid the topic of artificial flavors and dyes in Nestlé’s candy bars. They are vowing to remove these colors and ingredients from their products by the end of the year.

In a statement, the company explained that bars, such as the Butterfinger, will no longer be using Red 40 or Yellow 5, but instead will use annatto seeds as a natural food colorant. Another example of changes they are making is the fact that they are no longer using vanillin, but will be switching to the natural flavor of vanilla.

Additionally, some caramel flavors that companies are using in their candy products have high levels of 4-Methylimidazole, which is a possible carcinogen. Nestlé is looking into finding ways to use an alternative way to include caramel in their candy more naturally.

The renewed products are said to be on shelves by the middle of the year, according to the company. Until then, around 75 recipes will need to be tweaked by Nestlé over the next year to meet the new rules.

Other confectionery manufacturers are also looking into shifting to a more health-conscious market. Hershey is already making plans to begin using sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup.

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