Norway saves the Amazon rainforest

Sep 28, 2015 | written by:

A billion dollars to save the Amazon: this is what Norway decided to do in 2008 paying this amount of money to Brazil until 2015. The aim is to drastically reduce the rate of deforestation of the largest lung of the Earth.

Brazil has managed to preserve this precious territory by limit the tree cuts in the Virgin forest to 75%. Norway will complete its donation by December, during the Climate Conference in Paris, with a final payment of $ 100 million to the Fundo Amazonia, a special fund created expressly by former President of Brazil Lula.

With this money Brazil has managed to reform its environmental standards getting the cooperation of local authorities, thus saving from deforestation around 53 thousand square kilometers of the Amazon (=14 million football fields).

Norway has also signed agreements with Tanzania, Indonesia and Liberia. Thanks to this initiative, the Ministry of Climate and Environment of Norway has donated to Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative 300 million Euro thus helping to fight climate change.

Norway - the Reuters news agency says - intends to expand its commitment and its economic contribution against deforestation in the coming years.

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