OAS1S: cities become greener

Oct 15, 2015 | written by:

Sustainable urbanization and architecture are very important today because cities need to become greener.

The Oas1s foundation by the Dutch designer Raimond de Hullu interprets this concept literally transforming the suburban areas in small urban forests to live in close contact with nature. Oas1s houses, covered with ivy and various types of vegetation, resemble real shrubs and they blend perfectly with the surrounding environment.

The houses, built with prefabricated and recycled wood, are tall, independent and on four floors (and each one offers a wonderful view through skylights, windows or balconies). Designed according to the biomimetics and sustainability principles they are able to retain water and light thanks to solar panels and deposits with filtration systems, they provide oxygen and they are 100% self-sufficient with regard to renewable energy, drinking water and waste disposal. Oas1s has developed a clean solution to lower the temperature and the concentration of pollutants in urban environments.

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