Obama and the clean energy

Dec 07, 2015 | written by:

Paris, a name that unfortunately we have heard often recently, bouncing from one media to another. Perhaps, Meanwhile you read this article, the French city is also mentioned for Cop21, the United Nations Conference on climate. The summit provides that each year the Countries member must meet to make the point regarding the ongoing climate change.

The current one in France is the 21th and world leaders are meeting to emphasize the importance of the issue and to find possible solutions to counter the advance of the pollution and the greenhouse effect. Even President Obama took a plane to reach Paris and announce his intention to double the budget made available for green energy. The commitment of the White House would put the countries’ funding for low- or zero-carbon technologies at about $20 billion in five years, with about half of that amount spent by the United States. This is an effort designed to accelerate clean energy innovation and address global climate change, provide affordable clean energy to consumers with a special focus on the developing world in creating commercial opportunities for creating clean energy in developing countries.

Clean energy is really love by many people: there are those who always supported it and at the same time protect the environment, the politicians of both sides and also some interesting private. In fact, accompanying with the announcement of the most famous house in America, a group of 28 investors, led by Microsoft Corporation and Bill Gates, will unveil an effort to help companies widely deploy new clean energy technology, including to developing countries. Gate’s additional parallel effort will be to increase members of his coalition, adding to the group names as Mark Zuckerberg and the climate activist Tom Steyer and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson. As Bill says, despite the great strides made, it is necessary to explore different paths and invent new approaches, to involve more and more individuals to donate in research and then use renewable energy.

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