Ortocubo Growbox, The Greenhouse Where Plants Don't Need Soil

Sep 04, 2015 | written by:

Do you really think that real plants should plunge their roots into the soil? We hope you are not so out!

Fabio Monteleone, Luca Mattiello e Andrea Costa, three guys from Milan, showed us their innovative project which is probably changing the greenhouse cultivation business. These three smart guys founded Ortocubo, a start up with the aim to create aeroponic automate greenhouses where all the plants don’t need to have soil and the roots are obviously… hanging into the air.

This special greenhouse prototype is called Ortocubo GrowBox and it works thanks to an autonomous hardware able to manage all the steps in the plant growing process. It looks like to be an unachievable and utopian project but it actually optimizes the performance in terms of quantity and quality more than any other greenhouse ever planned until now.

Then, there is something that we don’t have to underestimate.. this is a perfect example of organic cultivation!

So, now the question is… How can it be possible? The plants, without any ground around, are artificially held up and fed by a water system with mineral fertilizers effecting directly on the roots.

This new technology presents a lot of advantages compared to the traditional farming system: it’s not just about the food quality and quantity but it is also about the organic guarantee that it can insure to consumers. In addition, it is easier to control the plants’s growth, predict the final performance and quality. Still comparing to the traditional agriculture we need to say that Ortocubo GrowBox allows farmers to save a huge quantity of water (about 90%).

What about the plants feeding? The nourishments are combined by the software depending on each different plant because Ortocubo GrowBox technology is able to personalize and monitor every environmental and specific parameter for every single plant.


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