Our clothes are poisoning our oceans

Apr 04, 2017 | written by:

Our oceans are polluted with plastic but that's nothing new and I talked about that on several occasions like here, here and also here, but what you probably don't know and will leave you speechless is that the majority of plastic waste in our seas comes from our clothes. A study carried out by researchers at the University of California at Santa Barbara revealed this news.

Microfibers from our clothes are poisoning the oceans. Fleece, nylon, polyester, spandex are all made from plastic and every time they go in the washing machine, tiny plastic microfibers are washed down the drain. We found that, on average, synthetic fleece jackets release 1,7 grams of microfibers each wash and found that older jackets shed almost twice as many fibers as new jackets. These microfibers then travel to the local wastewater treatment plant, where up to 40% of them enter rivers, lakes and oceans, poisoning the food chain - the researchers said - The synthetic microfibers, in fact, are too small to be filtered and retained by purifiers and also allows them to be readily consumed by fish and other wildlife. These plastic fibers have the potential to bioaccumulate, concentrating toxins in the bodies of larger animals, higher up the food chain, then ending up on the tables and in the bodies of millions of people. Seafood eaters consume 11,000 of them a year”.

The US government has already banned the use of microbeads inside personal care products such as scrubs and exfoliants and now it's time to tackle microfibers. To find out more you just click here

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