Our house is on fire — let’s act like it

Sep 25, 2019 | written by:

The world is on fire - it’s time to act accordingly

On September 20th, the Global Climate Strike Week began and Treedom is founding a forest for the occasion. More than 3200 signatures have already been collected for the statement of the Fridays For Future founders. Treedom stands in solidarity with those organizing the strikes, as many other businesses do, too. A study conducted by the ETH Zurich has shown that reforestation is the most effective method of fighting climate change. And in order to have the greatest ecological as well as social impact possible, especially in times like these, we are planting an additional tree for every tree planted at the end of the day during the Climate Strike Week - from the 20th-27th of September.

The state of our global climate is serious: The forest fires, which have been burning in Siberia, the Canary Island and especially the Amazonian Rainforest make it apparent. That is why people will walk out of their schools, universities and workplaces: The entire week right before the UN emergency climate summit, people of all ages are encouraged to take a stance. It’s about time we act. The goal: Mobilizing as many people as possible to speak out against the status quo of climate protection, and encourage change in politics and economics. The long-term goal is an energy revolution, which focuses on equality, compensating the harm that has already been caused, and climate justice and which thereby leveling the damage and creating measures for the future. Whether a strike will be the solution for the climate crisis or not - there is barely a sign stronger than masses of people, taking their anger to the streets, and fighting for a good cause - together.

Initiators are younger and younger
Looking at the past, it becomes clear very quickly, that countless moments that made history were started by people demonstrating for what they believe in. One thing that’s special about these strikes is the age of those organizing them: The Fridays For Future strikes were planned and enacted by students and got media attention because politicians accused them of wanting to skip school - while the size of the protests, the detail in which they were organized and the passion these students have for the cause clearly states otherwise. Protests of considerable size and importance are lead by the youth more and more: Just last year, the March For Our Lives mobilized millions of people in the USA and helped people register to vote for the upcoming elections and use their voice against gun violence. So, even though the motivation is a different one, both events have something in common: Besides the age and passion of the initiators, both are indispensable for the future of our planet; one especially for American citizens, the other for people all over the world. Treedom Climate Strike Week In more than 150 countries, schools, unions and businesses are preparing for the strikes; many companies will put down their work for a few hours to give their employees the chance to participate in the strikes. Another message being sent by this: Planet over Profit. The German Treedom Office will be participating in the protests in Munich, while the Italian team is working dedicatedly on a project for the occasion: A one for one campaign. During the entire Climate Strike Week, Treedom will forego management fees and plants an additional tree for every single one that is being planted during this week, in order to have the largest possible social and ecological impact.

Research by the ETH Zurich
 A recently published study conducted by the ETH Zurich found out that reforestation is the best natural solution in the fight against climate change. “Our study distinctly shows that reforesting empty spaces is the best current solution against climate change.” States Tom Crowther, Co-author of the study and founder of the Crowther Lab. The forests work as CO2 storages and can compensate throughout many years. Planting with Treedom ensures that the trees will be taken care of for at least ten years; yet, the many social benefits the trees offer reasons to continue with their care even after the contracts with local NGOs end. Planting fruit trees, as many of them are, offer additional food security for the local communities, as well as they strengthen the economies through offering produce to sell on markets, because as the official tree keepers, any produce is for the small farmers and their families to consume or sell. The CO2 compensation is being calculated based on what the trees are able to capture within a time frame of 10 years. So far, Treedom was able to plant 680.000 trees world wide and with those, compensate countless KGs of CO2. With the campaign for the Global Climate Strike Week, many more tons of CO2 are supposed to be compensated this week and long after.

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