'Our land is not for sale': the Canadians indigenous' battle cry

Nov 06, 2015 | written by:

It is getting harder and harder to find, in the 21st century, pure lands without roads, clearcuts, mines, power lines and pipelines.

The Broadback Valley, one of the last intact forests in Quebec (Canada), is hundreds kilometres of pure wilderness but, without proper protection, it risks to disappear. Indeed there are many wood industries involved in this area; already 90% of it has been destroyed but, this remaining 10% can not disappear.

So the Waswanipi Cree, an indigenous community of the Broadback Valley, has decided to fight deforestation and to defend their ancestral land at any price. They have sounded the alarm and, in collaboration with Greenpeace Canada, they have decided to tell their story to the world.

For the native the forest is their home, their roots, the heart of their identity; cutting down these trees means destroying their culture and way of life and we know how these values are important for humans. Moreover protecting this area is important for biodiversity (endangered species such as reindeer and moose live here) and climate.

To support this brave community it is enough going to the site and signing the petition.


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