Oxygen, the new green oasis in Paris

Mar 15, 2016 | written by:

Maurice Chevalier sang ‘Paris sera toujours Paris! La plus belle ville du monde!’. And who could blame him: the city of love and ville lumière, with its many bridges over the Seine and characteristic areas, it remains always a favorite destination for lovers and not only. For this reason, it has been chosen by the design studio Stephane Malka as the city for their new work called Oxygen, an oxygen green oasis in the main business district, La Défense.

The proposal of the study is to transform a bridge straddling the Seine River in a lush 'green roof' complete with gardens and restaurants for a total of 1,500 square meters. Located in an elevated position, it will be easily visible and thanks to its semicircular shape, that architects liken to the bow of the ship of La Défense, will serve as a gateway to the district and a gathering space on the Le Grand Parvis promenade. The landscape design blends the styles of 19th century romantic gardens with a more contemporary aesthetic, creating a camouflage park, a mixture of architecture and urban landscape typically Parisian.



But the name is Oxygen… and obviously it will be eco-friendly: the project’s restaurants and open kiosks will be prefabricated off-site then installed on-site for a less wasteful and more eco-friendly footprint. The real oxygen instead, will be given by the diverse range of shrubs and herbs that will fill the garden becoming architectural elements.

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