Paper and seeds

Feb 28, 2016 | written by:

In Tania’s house, beautiful things happen and today I want to tell you one. Since she was a child, Tania liked to play with paper, she also cut out the famous Postalmarket to create her dollhouse. Time passed, and finally she had her first laboratory in which create paper accessories for events such as weddings or baptisms.

She liked so much paper perfume and softness that she learned to create it by herself, with the addition of a special ingredient: seeds. In this way, Piantala was born, an ecological and biodegradable paper exclusively made from post-consumer material in which, during the construction phase, are added various seeds. What does it take to see the first flowers bloom? A vase, soil, Piantala paper, water and a sunny corner of the house. Fill the vase with the soil, put one or more sheets of paper, cover everything with a little bit more of soil. Watering profusely for ten days and the first buds appear. But before all this there are Tania creations, made with the same paper, and perfect to give an original and solidarity touch at weddings, baptisms, birthdays, graduations and many other events. You can customize the color of the paper and the type of seed to put inside, so as to differentiate for each person attending the party.

If you want to take a look at her shop, click here.

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