Paris launches a challenge: no cars for one week

Sep 05, 2016 | written by:

Often we imagine our great cities emptied from all polluting vehicles. Less noise, less pollution, less traffic and more sustainable travel. It sounds like a dream but the City of Paris in collaboration with Ademe (Agency for Environment and Energy Control) and Wimoov (Association that accompanies vulnerable people toward an autonomous and sustainable mobility) launches to the inhabitants of Île- de-France, the region where there is the French capital, a playful and eco-city challenge at the same time: car-free for one week.

People who will decide to accept the challenge, from 19 to 25 September 2016 will be invited to leave the car in the garage and to use free bicycles, electric cars, public transport or just own legs to experience sustainable mobility and alternative transport more environmentally friendly for air quality. Objectives of the initiative? Raising awareness Parisians among that the cars and motorcycles can be replaced by means of transport or alternative mobility services for the majority of trips that thay made daily and also promoting a progressive change of behavior in terms of mobility and so reducing the use of individual means of transport. Paris will surely have a car-free day (La journée sans voiture) planned on 25 September 2016. In this case, this is an official initiative in which the car will be forbidden to use for 650 km of roads in Paris that, at least for one day, become completely pedestrian.

In the French capital last year, the car-free day has been a great success and the city has decided to revive and renew the invitation for 2016. The idea is once again to raise awareness the citizens about changing their behavior of car use, in favor of the reduction of pollution and a more green and livable city, where the air becomes more breathable.


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