Peruvian Sierra del Divisor National Park

Nov 26, 2015 | written by:

More and more often we hear about deforestation, biodiversity's cancellation, protected species' disappearance (what happened to beautiful things?) but, fortunately, there is still someone who wants to save the nature and not to destroy it.

That's why the Peruvian government established the Sierra del Divisor National Park, one of the largest nature reserves in the world (1,3 million hectares of forest) to protect the indigenous tribes that inhabit these areas and the endangered animals, such as the jaguar, the bald uacarì and the giant armadillo. The decision to protect such a large territory is the result of a battle carried out, in the last ten years, by many scientists, indigenous communities and by different international organizations and culminated with the collection of over one million signatures. The Sierra del Divisor, one of the oldest geological areas of the Amazon forest, homes many settlements and many animal and plant species that, threatened by illegal cultivation, mining, bulldozers and chainsaws, they risk, over time, to disappear.

Now, the territory has been declared a 'protected reserve' so there is nothing to fear: one of the green lungs of our planet is safe.

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