PlantNet or how to shazam plants, flowers and trees

Mar 07, 2016 | written by:

Over 10 milions downloads and in the Top 20 apps of the Apple Store. Able to reveal song titles wherever and whenever you want. Shazam needs no more introduction. The idea on which the famous app is based is very interesting and full of sparks: let's face it, if you could also shazam the whole world around us, as well as being able to have answers and knowledge at our disposal, it would be very tempting.

Someone has already thought of it, realizing PlantNet, an app created for those who cannot distinguish a baobab tree from a plant of peas, but also for those who are often faced with plants that do not know and asks what name we have. It has been created by a group of French through the Agropolis Fondation’s funding, but at the moment it is still under developing, as it is only able to recognize the flora present on the French territory. How does it work? Instead of using the microphone like Shazam, PlantNet uses smartphone's camera and compares the vegetable framed with the application database. The latter is designed to grow thanks to the contribution of the users themselves, while questioning the program they contribute to perfect its capabilities. Surely, someone will glaze at this news with dreamy eyes and maybe it’ll be able to blossom new floral loves.

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