Plants that recharge smartphones

May 04, 2016 | written by:

The problem of the new millennium? Find a plug to charge your mobile phone, anytime and under any circumstances. Worth seeing increasingly reduce the percentage of the battery until the whole depletion. It’s true that they also invented power bank, but in case we forgot to charge it, the fate is always the same.

For those who just cannot stay disconnected and away from their mobile phone, a new European startup is developing a very involved project that should solve the problem. They called it Bioo Lite and is a very special vase able to exploit the process of photosynthesis of plants in order to return the battery at 100%. You choose the type of the plant, start up chooses the vase. Inside the latter it was conceived and set a particular biological cell and a micro organic solution able to be activated with the addition of water.

Instead, an electrical circuit is located in the center; a semipermeable grid covers the entire base of the vessel allowing to keep separate soil, but at the same time to let filtering the necessary water for the activation of the process. Once inserted the chosen plan and once the process of photosynthesis is active, the current flows towards the accumulator connected to the USB port designed as a small stone, and to which you can connect most devices on the market.

Bioo Lite is able to generate between 3 and 40 watts per day and, therefore, allows to recharge the smartphone up to 3 times within 24 hours. Currently the project is in the financing of Indiegogo crowfounding, while sales (at the price of 135$), will begin in December 2016. 

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