Pornhub saves whales

Feb 19, 2016 | written by:

What do whales have to do with porn movies? Apparently nothing except that Pornhub, a leader in online distribution of pornographic content, has decided to launch a campaign to save these marine species in danger of extinction.

'Save The Whales' is the name of the initiative (officially started on Saturday, 13 February, during the World Whale Day) that promises to make an important contribution in the field of preservation of these huge cetaceans subjected of a wild hunt, whose survival is severely tried also by climate change and exploitation of fish resources.

For those unfamiliar with the mechanism of the pornography-philanthropy nexus, it works like this: for every 2 thousand hard videos viewed, Pornhub will donate one cent to Moclips Cetological Society of Washington state, non-profit organization that works to protect whales. Seen the significant amount of clicks that this site reachs daily, according to one estimate it will collect, within the end of this month, $ 27.000 to contribute to the cause.

A philanthropic initiative that can get coverage a lot but this is not Pornhub's first: in the past the website has launched campaigns to fight against cancer and deforestation.


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