Precious Plastic

Jun 16, 2016 | written by:

If the first rule of Fight Club is do not talk about Fight Club, the Precious Plastic rule is just the opposite. Dave Hakkens, a Dutch designer, has also installed a counter on its website to see how many people have shared the material that he has made available to be continuously spread. All begins with an observation: the plastic is everywhere around us, but everyone mentions it only to underline its consequent pollution instead of its richness and how it’s a precious material (available for free) if you know how to recycle it.

In 2013 this Design Academy Eindhoven student starts to wonder why companies working plastic doesn’t even use a recycled one. The answer received is that it’s too expensive, both from the economic point of iew and because in order to have a pure recycled plastic much work is needed work and the risk of damaging the machinery is always round the corner. Thus, Dave started creating for himself the first machines to perform a 'home' recycle and begin to create new products. The last two years have been spent to make sure that machines he created were efficient and easy to re-create by all (but really everyone) and then to publish his secrets on site.

Now everyone can download the instructions to the realization and all the tips and tricks on how to use the recycled plastic to give it new life. Dave now considers himself a true craftsman since every morning he goes in his laboratory and start creating new objects from plastic that has been collected. With one of his machines you can also produce that famous line that acts as a toner for 3D printers. The machines are modular to adapt them in any situation and to the work environment in which they are located. Lately, always customizable. Returning to the basic rule of Precious Plastic, to be sure that everyone is indeed aware of the possibility of recycling, it’s important that the content become viral and therefore all the users are asked to share the video campaign with friends and social contacts. Because once the information is spread, the recycle begin!




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