Preserve Green

Oct 19, 2015 | written by:

Contemporary art is as easy as difficult to be understood. What we have to do is to observe artworks and try to figure out artist message.

During the last weekend at Florence Biennale (which is an art fair taking place in Florence – Italy every two years) Emmanuele Panzarini, a young artist coming from Padua, emphasized that the green is a delicate element that must be safeguarded and protected.

With his site-specific installation Preserve Green, organized at the entrance of the Spadolini Pavilion of Fortezza da Basso, Emmanuele wanted to remind the visual atmosphere before the removal of the grass (today the space is covered by small stones that make it dark with no shade and vitality).

Thanks to the synergy with us at Treedom, visitors were able to buy green balloons, inflate and place them into the artwork with the artist. The proceeds will be used by us, in partnership with IRAD (Institut de Recherche Agricole pour le Développement), for the purchase of cocoa trees in Cameroon, that will be planted in lands ravaged by illegal logging involving several villages of Central Region.

Some pictures of the installation can be found on Emmanuele Panzarini Facebook page.

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