Print Green: print, because it is green!

Sep 23, 2015 | written by:

Print Green is a project designed for the Intermedia Arts course at University of Maribor, in Slovenia. Under the mentorship of Prof. Dušan Zidar, a group of five students consisting of Maja Petek, Tina Zidanšek, Urška Skaza, Danica Korošec and Simon Tržan created an environmentally friendly 'green' printer. The numerical control machine doesn't use ink (it would be very trivial!) but a mixture of soil, water and seeds thus allowing, with proper care, the growth of the grass. Instead of the classic canvas it uses Styrodur, polystyrene insulating panel covered with black felt, bolstered with sponge.

The final result? A 3D 'living' print with capability of 'turning green'.

The 'Print Green' project, animated by the motto 'print, because it is green', combines art, technology and nature .

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