ProjectZero, a Danish plan to eliminate CO2 emissions

Oct 28, 2015 | written by:

Climate change is now a reality that touches every corner of the Earth and, increasingly, you probably hear about damages as results of bad weather. Sønderborg, a town in the south of Denmark with just over 70,000 inhabitants, is no stranger to floods (being almost completely surrounded by water) and heavy rainfall.

To cope with all this, the Danish government started, since 2007, a plan called ProjectZero, born from the union of citizens, politicians and companies with the goal of zero emissions of carbon dioxide by 2029. The program, of course, foresees a sharp change to clean and reneweble energy and energy efficiency measures through various initiatives including the creation of turbine platforms and the introduction of biogas in transport and manufacturing processes to replace oil and natural gas. The advantages? A more stable economic system, an improvement of health, well-being and relationship with nature.

The zero emissions plan, however, is still not perfect: it doesn’t include air transport, the imported products and the emissions of methane and nitrous oxide from local farms, although the facilities for waste recovery are increasing.

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