Purifying water with corn? It isn't a utopia!

Sep 28, 2015 | written by:

Lalita is a thirteen Indian girl, who designed a system with cobs' waste and plastic bottlenecks to purify waste water in the village where she lives and re-use it in irrigation.

Is Lalita a genius? Probably yes: what we know is that she is curious and enthusiast for sure. Lalita, walking through the fields of her country, noticed the huge piles of cobs burned under the sun and wondered what could be done to recover them. Inspecting those pieces that form the ear and attracted from the corn cob (the inner part that is similar to a sponge), Lalita decided to immerse the components into dirty water and then, few hours later, she noticed more clearness. So the young girl created a strange, but functional, structure with bottlenecks placed on top of each other and filled with parts of the cob. The water flowing into the structure leaves behind between 70 and 80% of impurities, withheld from corn. The hope is that this system will allow farmers to reuse waste water during drought periods in order to increase the production and the quality of raw materials.

Thanks to her invention, Lalita was awarded to the Google Science Fair, a scientific competition dedicated to young people, with a budget of $ 10,000 and one year of mentoring by the Scientific American magazine.

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