Re Rag Rug ecosustainable carpets

Feb 03, 2016 | written by:

The oldest is the one of Pazyruk (around 500 A.C.), presently exhibited at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. The most fashionable is now showing at the Swedish Institute in Paris until April 10. I'm talking about carpet, an object whose origins are lost in the ancient East. An object that beckons art and history, and for this reason so fascinating.

Today, it is also the symbol of eco-friendly and of a new luxury: smart, nice and helpful to the planet, became famous after winning Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2014. Re Rag Rug carpets are part of an experimental design project which explores the social and ecological sustainability of the rug. Born from the idea of ​​Studio Brieditis & Evans in Sweden, during 12 months they developed 12 unique rugs in 12 different textile techniques, using materials considered worthless, tatters, worn out t-shirts, sweaters out of use and other waste from the textile processing.

An example of how it’s possible to work with sustainability, starting from simple materials adding value through processing. Do you want to buy one? You can get it here or at the shop in Paris, 11 Rue Payenne.


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