Reading between the lines, the green Belgian church

Nov 16, 2016 | written by:

Amount Pieterjan Gijs Van Vaerenbergh’s work is designed in the space and constantly in dialogue with the surrounding landscape. In this way the two Belgian designers have erected in Bargloon, a Belgian village of only ten thousand inhabitants, a transparent church that varies depending on personal point of view. So the traditional concept of church is transformed into a transparent art object offering a unique visual and aesthetic experience.

To achieve Reading between the lines, this the name of the church 10 meters high completed in 2011, 30 tons of steel and 2,000 columns with concrete foundations have been used, such to allow the fade and the materialization in the green of the countryside. Depending on personal point of view, the viewer perceives it as a traditional construction or as completely dissolved in the surrounding landscapes.

Visitors who look from the inside out and, then, from the rural countryside to the building, attend an abstract play of lines: the hundred steel plates interspersed by asymmetric strips modeled on the traditional form of the Christian churches, but with a contemporary look, essential and elusive made with full and empty spaces, perfect shapes and warm colors. Read between the lines of corten means dissect the context and be enchanted by the agricultural context, by the beauty of the shadows and the bronze gradients that make this magical place.

The work, accessible only via a footpath or a bike path, invites us to reflect on architectural and speculative issues. The building, in fact, has no religious function, but it’s a copy of many churches of the Flemish Belgian region with a single nave and is even equipped with a crucifix: the intent of the designers is to denounce the increase of abandoned churches and reopen the debate on their possible artistic use.

The two young designers are part of Gijs Van Vaerenbergh group that since 2007 is engaged in the realization of projects in public spaces that interact creatively with the reality around them.

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