Rebecca Minkoff and the new model #seebuywear

Mar 02, 2016 | written by:

It’s time for fashion week, fashion shows, parties and more. And then there are those who like Rebecca Minkoff suggests a new business model to reduce the environmental impact of fashion. Rebecca is a leader in creating casual luxury handbags and accessories, but she is also a welcome guest on many talk shows to discuss her idea of ​​fashion business.

Not the first, but she’s the latest fashion designer to not follow the dictates of fashion shows: instead to create an exclusive show for editors and celebrities, she showed her collection for spring 2016 to a crowd of consumers. Minkoff believes that because customers are exposed to a bombardment of social-media coverage in real time, they become fatigued of the products before they hit retailers six months after the shows. Preferring the new model #seebuywear, there will be not only better sales numbers of the collection, but also a reduce in the environmental impact, producing less waste and managing to bring in back in U.S. part of the production. This should be the model of the future of fashion week and fashion industry: according to Rebecca, it would not create a dramatic change, but it will allow both parties (consumers and stylists) to have better results.

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