Recycling in the U.S. vs Recycling in Taiwan

Mar 24, 2017 | written by:

The recycling of waste is a set of strategies implemented by several states to retrieve potentially useful materials from waste in order to reuse them, instead of getting them in landfills or incinerators. This practice should become a philosophy of life for everyone because recycling prevents waste ensuring greater sustainability to the production cycle, it reduces the consumption of raw materials, the use of energy and the consequent emission of greenhouse gases, for the benefit of the environment and our health.

Unfortunately, recycling does not occur effectively in all areas of the world and you just look at this video to understand the substantial differences between two completely different areas: America and Taiwan. Taiwan has a brilliant way to get people to recycle more. What is it about? Taiwan has musical garbage trucks equipped with speakers that blast music by Beethoven and other classical composers, alerting residents that's the right moment to take out the trash. This solution was introduced by the Taiwanese government a few decades ago to prevent the accumulation of garbage in the streets, waiting for the trucks go over to pick it up.

Residents are also required to separate their waste into three categories (general waste, recyclable waste and food waste) and all non-recyclable waste goes exclusively in certified bags that you have to pay for and the price increases with the size. In this way, the number of waste is reduced. Penalties are provided in case of non-compliance with the rules and it works, in fact Taiwan has now a 55% recycling rate. Meanwhile in America, only 35% of what we throw out get recycled. The majority still ends up in landfills creating real hills of garbage which pollute the air and, with the passage of time, even the soil and groundwater. If you think, like us, that America should take a stronger stance in terms of recycling, you spin the news so that it reaches as many people as possible to pave the way for a change.

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