Resurrection Plants

Dec 14, 2015 | written by:

Resurrection is not for everyone. At the moment, only one has been successful and he remains the most famous, but do you know that in the world there are more than 130 species of plants that die and rise constantly? They are called resurrection plants and have the exceptional ability to adapt to drought. Their tissues could dry up almost to seem dead and only when soil and air moisture rises again, even after a long time since the plant is dried, they are able to rehydrate and recover perfectly their photosynthetic capacity and growth.

They currently are the protagonists of an interesting study carried out by Jill Farrant, professor of molecular and cellular biology at Cape Town in South Africa, who believes they could offer hope as climate change decimating crops, making the once fertile fields only arid and dusty. Farrant’s research involves activating genes within staple food crops that would allow them to respond to drought the in same way. Jill is currently working with a grass called teff native to Ethiopia, which grows grain used to make flatbread, porridge, and other traditional foods. If successful, her research would allow farmers in drought-stricken regions to maintain their livelihoods and protect against the famines. But it will be necessary to stable certainly that the changes continue to guarantee safety in food and make it clear that although it is a possible solution to the ongoing climate change, we should not stop trying to slow global warming.

Little note: when I was young I had one, it was the famous rose of Jericho, and it’s wonderful have one at home: it decorates and you can admire the miracle of the resurrection as often as you want.

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