Rossini Art Site: an open-air museum

Oct 07, 2015 | written by:

Summing up 10 hectares of land, a green landscape, many original sculptures and you will have Rossini Art Site, an open air museum surrounded by nature in Brianza, just outside the borders of the more urbanized north of Milan (Italy). The open-air collection belongs to Alberto Rossini, entrepreneur and patron who is supporting modern and contemporary art sculpture.



'Esercizio di fuga', made by the Roman artist Chiara Mu, is the latest site-specific project hosted in the museum-park. The installation invites visitors to put their eyes on eight points meet identified inside the main pavilion, designed by New York's architect James Wines. In this way, the viewer has the opportunity to discover and experience the park's sights and sculptures from different points of view getting a renewed, intense and emotional fruition of the place that combines harmoniously art and nature.


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