Rotterdam Bobbing Forest

Jan 31, 2016 | written by:

"Mum mum! Look: a floating tree!” I imagine it a bit like this: amazed children watching majestic trees floating on the waters of the port of Rotterdam, making possible things that their schoolbooks had denied.

What am I talking about? About the new green project that in March 2016 will invade and will transform the port of the second most important Dutch city. The Bobbing Forest, a floating forest, conceived by the Colombian sculptor Jorge Bakker, specialized in creations with a high urban and architectural impact, and supported by the artistic association Mothership, will consist of twenty trees located inside old recycled buoys.

Trees and buoys will be able to remain stable on water level thanks to a series of tie-rods connected to the weights placed on the seabed. If you think that everything was born from a model of an aquarium with plants - set on small tires - in balance, it’s surely surprising. From that model, through various experiments, it has developed a work with an ecological low-impact mold that combines the arboreal aspect and the aquatic one, adorning the city with a green space that did not exist before.

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