Saa syödä!, a Finnish food sharing project

Nov 06, 2015 | written by:

Some months ago we wrote about Nevera Solidaria, a Spanish food sharing project. A virtuous initiative which is one among others that worldwide are trying to fight food waste.

In Finland, according to MTT, 120.000.000 to 160.000.000 kg of food is wasted every year: a bad practice which must be changed starting from everyday habits. Small steps for a great result.

Some companies, such as MTT, Motiva and Agrifood Research Finland in collaboration with Ministry of the Environment launched ‘Saa syödä!’, a project which created a real food sharing area in Roihuvuori, Helsinki. In this food point people can bring the food they won't eat, even if it is not expired yet. Someone else will eat it and food waste will be avoided.

Families can check the Facebook page as well as the blog dedicated to the initiative to know which kind of food is available.

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