Dec 21, 2015 | written by:

Sun, sand, sea. The perfect trio to enjoy holidays. Maybe at this time of year many will go to the mountains to ski, but someone will flight to reach warmer climates and do a small revival of summertime. If you are one of these lucky people, certainly one thing that could ruin your relax is to find sea dirty and polluted to prevent to enjoy your well-earned vacation time. How many times have it already happened to you?

Plastic bottles, bags, ... and much more that floats on the surface. To try to avoid these situations, but above all to clean and protect seas and oceans, two young Australians guys, Adrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, have designed and built a Floating Rubbish Bin that collects plastic bottles, oil, detergents, paper and fuel which meets in its range. Designed as an economical alternative to the traditional "trash boats", it does not require much maintenance. They called it Seabin, and the peculiarity is that they make nearly everything in-house themselves and aim to start shipping mid to late 2016. Obviously the goal is to have a world in which the Seabin not need to keep our seas clean, but in the meantime this future arrives, you can support the two boys in their project with Indiegogo where they have already collected $40.000 out of their $230,000 goal.

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