Seed: the untold story

Jun 06, 2016 | written by:

Few things on Earth are vital and miraculous as the seeds from which life blooms and from which derives much of our sustenance. And few things have a hidden history, silenced and kept unaware of many as the seeds. The story with seeds as protagonists begins with a percentage that reaches almost to touch the peak: 94% and is the symbol of the varieties of seeds lost, disappeared during the last century. The villain of the story is the domain of the multinationals in the field of biotechnology chemistry, came to have absolute control of the supply chain: not only the seeds, but also farmers, scientists, lawyers.

Instead, the goods are the seeds protectors: the tireless heroes, constantly driven by the desire to protect what for them is the most important asset of the planet. They fight every day a battle, comparable to that of David against Goliath, to defend one of our key assets: not only the seeds themselves, but also the culture that accompanies them.

All this is told in the documentary made by Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz and appropriately titled 'Seed: the untold story', with the aim of opening the Pandora's box and let speak those voices at the forefront for the protection of seeds, keepers of a tradition of more than twelve thousand years. The documentary was presented this year at The Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital, the most important event in the world dedicated to films treating the environmental theme.

Vandana Shiva, the Indian intellectual and activist, also joined the discussion not only attending many previews of the film, but also being present in it. Vandana’s battle is in support of the protection of biological and cultural diversity against biotech agri-food multinationals, because if biodiversity is culture envelope, then there can be no cultural diversity without biodiversity. You must defend the uniqueness of what we use to feed ourselves, and in the same way you need to defend what we are by the global monoculture. Otherwise cultures, traditions and social models will be lost forever.

The trailer of the documentary can be seen here.

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