Shibuse, the Italian startup to organize green weddings

Oct 24, 2016 | written by:

Shibuse is the first Italian portal dedicated to the green wedding, where you can find wedding favors, jewelry, clothing, travel and gifts to be included in the wedding list, all strictly eco-friendly. The two founder of the project, Simona Cipollaro and Adriana Carpenzano, are two young and resourceful women and, you know, all women dream of the perfect wedding from childhood. Simona, marketing and communication manager of Shibuse, tell us about this beautiful project.

How did you meet? What is your business background?

I met Adriana while we were working for a company in Turin, there was immediately a great understanding and when our work for this company has ended, we decided to give life to our start-up. I work for years in the field of environmental communication. I'm an editor, social media specialist, and I took care of the press office. Adriana Carpenzano was involved, over the years, in training for companies in the role of instractional design, graphics and web design. She has gained expertise in the field of technology, with particular reference to multimedia.

Where did the idea of Shibuse come from? What was your springboard?

In 2012, I organized my eco-marriage and for some time I had in mind the idea of creating a reality that could create a network of product and service providers in this industry. The meeting with Adriana served to find a work-mate and adventure-mate able, for her skills, to structure the idea also from a technological point of view and to give life to the platform. Our springboard was definitely Torino Social Innovation that, thanks to a loan, has allowed us to realize the platform and launch the communication campaign.

What kind of services does this portal? How concretely helps the bride and groom?

Shibuse is the first online Italian platform dedicated to environmentally friendly weddings and it allows the bride and groom to gather information and choose whom to consult to organize every aspect of the ceremony, from the ecological makeup for the bride to biodegradable tableware for wedding reception. At the same time it is a multi shop, where you can buy directly many items, from wedding announcements made from recycled paper to eco favors.

What are the Shibuse purposes?

Our platform was created with the intent to promote the meeting between suppliers and consumers on the issue of green solutions for weddings.

What are the cornerstones of Shibuse?

The cornerstones on which we base our activities can be summarized in this way: environmental sustainability, Made in Italy and creativity. We want to contribute to the spread of new lifestyles. The marriage seems to be a good starting point. We promote the products and the Italian work, hand made and handicraft to extend the target market. We want to give space for ideas, original products and services. We are interested in everything that is 'different'. We seek enthusiasts suppliers and lovers of their work. These are the three pillars of Shibuse, but there is another one, no less important: the slowness. We are increasingly accustomed to frantic expeditions. On Shibuse the objects have the right time for the realization. Passion and creativity need time and patience. So, anyone who want to choose wedding favors or bouquet of Shibuse, should act in advance and give suppliers time to realize their creations.

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