SiWEGO, the new app to deliver and ship packages door-to-door

Apr 19, 2016 | written by:

Say goodbye to long endless queues at the post office and welcome SiWEGO, the new Made in Italy app that lets you send everything (luggage, packages, furniture, gifts and even homemade noodles) to friends and relatives, without necessarily turn to a carrier or at the post office.

SiWEGO, indeed, is a web platform that brings together two types of people: those who need to ship something and those who want to optimize their journeys, earn some extra money, help to reduce CO2 emissions and maybe create new jobs in the sharing economy system. The application, that will be available since next summer, offers a service that can be done by commuters, taxi drivers, tourists and all those figures, professional and not, who have the ability to move easily by car and who, taking advantage of their journey, wearing courier cloths.

The packages can be picked up and delivered 7 days a week at all hours of the day provided that someone is available and registered to the portal. A student, a sales agent, a carrier or a young professional who maybe are traveling from Milan to Rome, can earn, for example, for a large suitcase or a box of food about 20 euro, namely the half of what you would pay with a courier. Besides the delivery time is optimized: the package is delivered how, when and where you want because the parties agree on the best mode.

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