Skyfarm, when farm becomes vertical

Nov 15, 2016 | written by:

What if the future of agriculture will be in the city rather than in the countryside? After the 'Bosco Verticale', Milan (Italy) becomes green once again!

It's called Skyfarm and it is a tower 30 meters high and 15 meters wide where environmental sustainability, self-production zero kilometer food and absence of land use come together in a perfect union. The project, designed by the London architectural firm Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners in collaboration with Arup, the engineering multinational company, was to be the UK's legacy at Expo 2015, to meet the need of 'Feeding the Planet'.

For various reasons (including the lack of budget), nothing was done, but many people still like the idea and after months and months of the end of the event, the idea continues to spread powerfully. Skyfarm is designed to help solve the global food crisis increasingly imminent due to the disparity between agricultural productivity and population growth. Designers indeed remind that in 2050 about 80% of people will live in cities, and that over the next 35 years the population will increase by 3 billion therefore, continuing to use the traditional intensive farming methods, will require a larger area of the Brazil to feed the new world population.

As an alternative to traditional agriculture, Skyfarm allows you to grow food vertically rather than horizontally, integrating perfectly in urban areas with high population density. Skyfarm is a multilayered, self-sufficient tower, where food is self-made without suffering soil, without chemical additives, without the need for a distribution chain to move food products. In the upper floors of the tower aquaponics, hydroponics and aeroponics farming techniques are used to reduce the consumption of the total building energy and to limit the use of resources while in the lower floors there are shops and restaurants, where products grown a few meters higher are served and sold. The hyperboloid structure made of bamboo, also ensures optimal sun exposure and efficient water distribution. 

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